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How Ruto responded to GMO question with hilarious ‘matiti’ remark

President William Ruto has stirred a hilarious debate in social media sites over the remarks he made on Wednesday about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods.

In an interview with mainstream media houses addressing the state of the nation and the Kenya Kwanza regime plans to revive the economy, Dr Ruto wondered why GMO critics are against the lift of the ban allowing importation and distribution of the products.

The ban was imposed in 2012 by the then Grand Coalition government led by former Head of State, the late Mwaki Kibaki.

However, In October last year, President Ruto announced the lifting of the sanction, explaining the move will help in addressing food shortage across the country.

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Although it was temporarily suspended by the High Court, pending determination of a lawsuit filed, on Wednesday during a media interaction at State House, Nairobi, President Ruto pointed out that many developed countries, such as United States, Brazil and Argentina, have been consuming GMO foods with no consequences reported over years.

The biotechnology crops were introduced about 25 years ago, with Scientists and researchers stating they are safe for consumption after approval.

During the joint presser the president said Kenyans have been taking GMO products, and that no one has complained of negative effects.

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“Vyakula vyote tumekuwa tukiagiza miaka hii yote tayari iko na GMO… Mimi kama kiongozi, siwezi hatarisha maisha ya Wakenya. Nimekula chakula cha GMO, nimemea matiti? (all the food stuff we have been importing contains GMO components and as a leader by lifting the ban and allowing distribution of the products I cannot be that ignorant with a decision risking Kenyans lives… have I grown breasts from consuming GMO foodstuff)” President Ruto posed.

His sentiments sparked an outline debate with Kenyans on social media weighing with varied views.

But while assuring Kenyans of their safety, the president defended GMO food products saying the ongoing crisis will be curbed through importation.

Kenya has found itself at crossroads due to prolonged drought, as a result of climate change effects.

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