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How to celebrate New Year in lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic might have restricted the lives of millions of people due to the guidelines and restrictions that have to be followed and adhered to reduce the spread of the virus.

But despite the dawn to dusk curfew, ban on gatherings, clubbing and parties, it does not mean that when the clock strikes midnight on December 31 you can’t indulge in some merrymaking at home with family.

Below are a few suggestions on how you can be able to make New Year’s Eve cheerful despite coronavirus.

Play some fun games.

There is nothing more enjoyable that brings people together like playing a fun game or attempting trivia. It is a sure way of lifting everyone’s spirits as you all wait for the clock to strike 12.

Cook a nice dinner.

A festive dish is always welcomed. It creates a homey ambiance that keeps the entire family in a good mood.

Make some cocktails.

If you have been harboring some mixology talent then this is the right time to show them off. Create some signature drinks of your own. But always remember drink responsibly.

Make a memory book.

Although most social activities ground to a halt due to government imposed Covid-19 protocols, you can still put together a memory book containing photos of how you were able to navigate the year. This can be creative activity that can be done by both adults and children.

Write down New Year resolutions.

Even though this year has not been so great for many that doesnt mean you can’t have resolutions for next year. Always hope for the best.

Select a good movie to watch.

Have a relaxing evening with your family enjoying a favorite movie as you wait to usher in the New Year.