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How to ensure you can track and retrieve your stolen Samsung mobile phone

By Winnie Mabel September 15th, 2023 2 min read

Oh, the joy of finally being able to buy that phone you’d been coveting for months now! Your anticipation rendered you impatient to the point of exhilaration after finally being handed the phone by the salesperson. So you rush home – or to your comfort zone – where you can finally unbox this phone.

The ritual of unboxing, peeling away layers of protective wrapping and unveiling that sleek, gleaming device is a sensory journey in itself. The scent of fresh technology, the satisfying peel of plastic and the glistening screen beneath your fingertips — it’s a symphony of sensory pleasures. And then comes that inaugural power-up, the first boot and the rush of exploring a world of apps and features.

These initial encounters with your new ‘companion’ are a testament to the joys of technological discovery, where each swipe and tap reveals the promise of a digital adventure yet to unfold. And so you spend hours, “chokoraing” your phone to know its in and outs, the shortcuts, the specs and capabilities on the phone. Pure bliss.

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Then one day, you are called for sherehe. You quickly accept knowing your new phone has the latest best camera specs. The photos are going to be Instagram-worthy. You get ready, send for a cab and head out to your destination. But while stuck in traffic along Thika Road, tragedy strikes and your new phone is swiped by a passing thief just as you lower your window to buy Tropikals from the hawker.

There goes your Samsung? iPhone? Huawei? Infinix?

Too bad if it had been a Samsung phone and you hadn’t configured some special settings to protect it. For other Samsung owners who are still in possession of their devices, there is hope for you because you can ensure that a thief does not ‘flash’ your phone or switch it off, allowing you precious time to track and retrieve it.

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Johannes Sensei, a TikTok tech geek explains how one can do this.

“A lot of people’s phones are getting stolen nowadays and they don’t know how to track it. Here is how to make your phone practically un-stealable! Go to your settings and scroll down to the lock screen. From there, tap on secure lock settings, type in your PIN and then toggle on lock network and security. This will prevent someone from turning off your WiFi or mobile data when your phone is locked. It will also prevent them from turning off or restarting your phone when it is locked,” Sensei explains.

“After that, scroll down to security and privacy and tap on find my mobile. Tap on Allow this phone to be found and make sure that the last option called offline finding is turned on. You can also turn on the first three options as well. This will make sure it is possible to track your phone’s location even if it has been turned off. So make sure to turn on these settings right now and share this information with your friends who use Samsung devices,” Sensei further explains.

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