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How to live a financially blissful life; according to Bien

Every once in a while, our most admired celebrities come up with nuggets of wisdom based on their own personal success stories to inspire their loyal followers and fans.

This time, former Sauti Sol band lead singer Bien Baraza has shared his conviction on what can lead one to live a financially blissful life without having frustrations about affording the most basic of needs every single day.

Bien, through his Instagram stories, wrote, “To shop without looking at the price, you must work without looking at the clock.”

The singer emerges as one of the most successful musical artistes in Kenya as he has mastered the art of business in music. For the longest time, Bien has talked about how Kenyan musicians usually fall from grace because of how they failed to master the workings of business in the music industry.

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Albeit many a time the singer credits his wife for his solo career success, Bien has continued soaring higher in his skill marking himself a stronghold when it comes to originality and talent that is invaluable.

In a previous exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Bien spoke about the lessons he has learned from having his wife manage his music career.

According to the artiste, Chiki’s unwavering commitment to his talent has been a driving force behind his success as a solo artist.

“There is no one thing to learn from Chiki; I learn every day. But one thing she has shown me is the commitment to your lover or to someone you are in love with is not just about the romantic things that people want to talk about at the forefront of the relationship,” Bien shared.

He added;

“It’s about how much you are willing to go, like right now when I am a solo artist. She has been managing all my things — shoots, my choreography — and I have fallen in love with her again. She has shown me the commitment to my gift in a way that no one has ever shown me before.”