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How to protect yourself, company from email ‘attacks’

Like a coin with two sides, using email as a primary means of communication can pose dangers to an individual and their organization.

Even as the country shifts from traditional means of communication like use of paper work, there is a need for one to protect themselves and their company from being attacked via email.

Here are ways that you can protect yourself from being attacked through email:

1. Double check before clicking a link

How often do you receive emails in your inbox with attached links? So many people have experienced this.

However, for you to be safe, avoid clicking links that have attached items. Cybercriminals use such links to attach malware and phishing systems that monitor your conversations.

2. Countercheck email address

Before sending an email, ensure that you double check the email address. This will keep you safe from sending critical documents to unknown people. On the other hand, countercheck emails in your inbox just to ensure that they come from a trusted source. If you see any spelling mistakes or errors in the address it is most likely malicious, so delete the email immediately.

3. A company should offer cybersecurity training to members

Just to be safe, the company or the government should take its people through a cybersecurity training. Through this, they will be able to identify emails from untrusted sources or impersonators.

4. Implement an additional check

Before sharing or sending a critical document such as payment details, ensure you make a verbal communication just to be safe and sure that the individual requested for it.

Do not just share something via email with an untrusted source.

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