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How Uhuru came through at comedian MC Kajim’s dowry payment

Comedian MC Jimmie Kajim recently shared how he fell ill on his wedding day, putting a twist on his joyous occasion.

In a candid interview with Wambui Wa Mwangi, Kajim recounted how the illness led to an emergency hospital visit.

“I got sick and had to go to Aga Khan Hospital. It was an emergency situation, but scans didn’t show anything serious. I left the hospital around 2 am, went home, and slept. I woke up feeling really unwell, but with a lot of prayer, antibiotics, and painkillers, I managed to get through the day,” Kajim shared.

Despite his health scare, Kajim’s big day went on as planned. However, the comedian revealed he fell sick again after the wedding had taken place.

Kajim, a close friend to former President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed he played a part in his wedding by contributing to his dowry payment.

“A week before my Ruracio (traditional wedding) I had met retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, and among many things, he gave me something for the traditional wedding,” Kajim said although he did not reveal how much he was given

MC Kajim urged people to value their friendships and relationships, emphasizing how much he was surprised by the support he received from both people in the entertainment industry and politicians. “They supported me in a huge way. For the traditional wedding, I was given Ksh 2 million, and that’s how I concluded on the wedding day,” he added.

Reflecting on his wedding experience, Kajim’s wife Silvana Wambui expressed her calmness during the celebration.

The couple, now happily married for two years, is blessed with a son named Alpha Jakes.

He says God has opened more doors for him after he got married.

On Tuesday, August 15th, the Kajim Family signed a partnership with Optiven Foundation, signifying a commitment to fostering local talents and propelling them onto the global stage.

George Wachiuri, the founder of Optiven Foundation, highlighted their mission to create an investor-friendly environment and expand their outreach.

“It’s also part of Optiven’s mission to promote local talents and boost them to grow to a global level. We are happy to work with The Kajim Family in a bid to promote an investor-friendly environment to reach out to very many clients across the globe. Optiven has been settling Kenyans, promoting job creation to all Kenyans, and big in philanthropy through the Optiven foundation,” Wachiuri noted.

Kajim extended words of wisdom to the youth, encouraging them to make wise investments and avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

“I quit alcohol immediately after I got married. I used to drink too much and spend a lot of money. Alcohol also opens the door to many things, and to make your marriage work, you have to let go of certain habits. Marriage is a learning process. We’ve had our challenges, but at the end of the day, love is what matters,” Kajim advised.

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