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Huddah to Nairobi men: None of you can afford ‘sleeping with me’

Socialite Huddah Monroe has schooled city men saying the reason why she never puts a price to her service is because none of them can afford her.

In a series of Snapchat updates, the socialite explained how there are two types of men who have been chasing her.

She listed the first type as rich dudes who just want to pay her to sleep with them and add her to their list of the women they have bedded.

Huddah’s second type of men are some broke young guys whose main intention is just to get the experience of sleeping with her and gossip about her vagina.


She ended her rant with how women should stop getting paid for sex and just do what pleases them not having a price tag upon them.

The socialite has been on a mission of deconstructing her colleagues in the business, the latest being Vera Sidika’s Maldives trip which she criticized.

The two have sparred online several times and this latest attack is about getting paid for sleeping with men.