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Huddah sparks controversy with flattering praises for President Ruto

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman, Huddah Monroe, recently shared her unfiltered opinions on the political landscape of Kenya. 

With provocative assertions about President William Ruto and veteran politician Raila Odinga, Huddah’s remarks, through her Instagram page, have sparked controversy and ignited passionate debates among Kenyans. 

Huddah said President Ruto’s unwavering determination, characterizing him as a president with a clear vision for Kenya’s future. She emphasizes that while ordinary citizens are focused on immediate needs like sustenance, Ruto is contemplating the nation’s trajectory in the next 10 to 20 years.

Huddah’s observation raises the question of whether Ruto’s strategic approach can genuinely address the persistent problem of poverty and wealth inequality.

“Ruto still remains one of the presidents with balls! He is seeing 10-20 years from now! The people on the streets are seeing lunch and dinner. We can’t win! The poor will remain poor for many years and the rich will only get richer,” Huddah wrote. 

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The Instagram influencer went on to express a lack of trust in the government due to their inability to combat the rampant corruption plaguing the country. Huddah criticized  the current system, claiming that increased taxes only serve to line the pockets of corrupt officials, rather than benefiting ordinary citizens. She highlights the urgent need for transparent and accountable governance, urging authorities to allocate resources efficiently towards improving essential sectors such as education, healthcare, and housing. 

“Meanwhile, the government needs the taxes to stay afloat but we don’t trust them anymore coz they are not fighting the biggest issue of why the country is broke and that is corruption. We pay more they pocket more! The money never goes into bettering the lives of the mwananchi, at least make education free! Cheaper housing, better healthcare, remove something from our budget and ensure proper utilization of the resources. Don’t just ask us to pay,” she lamented.

Her criticism for the government aside, Huddah does not shy away from expressing her disdain for Mr Odinga, one of Kenya’s most prominent political figures. While acknowledging the potential for meaningful change through protests, she faulted Mr Odinga’s flawed leadership style. 

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She accused him of prioritizing personal gain over the welfare of the nation, citing a lack of substantial developmental achievements during his political career. 
“I’m all for the riots if it’s for change, but because I hate how Raila doesn’t know how to put out his agendas I can’t be on the streets. The man is NOT fighting for us, he’s fighting for his share on the table and just destroying the country. What developments has he ever done in Kenya? All I know him for since I was born is destruction,” she remarked.

She further accused the opposition chief of inciting riots, orchestrating failed coups and being responsible for the country’s destruction. She said Mr Odinga’s have only undermined his credibility as a leader who is genuinely interested in Kenya’s progress.

Huddah’s remarks, however controversial, serve as a reminder of the challenges the nation is currently facing. 

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