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Viral video of ‘drunk’ Bahati and his wife Diana sparks online controversy

A video capturing Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua engaged in what appears to be drunken revelry at a nightclub has set social media ablaze.

The video, which surfaced on Sunday, July 16, was shared by Diana Marua on her Instagram stories.

In the footage, Diana can be seen getting close and cozy with rapper KRG the Don, while another clip shows Bahati seemingly enjoying a glass of what many assumed to be alcohol.

One particular segment of the video showcases Diana throwing her arm around KRG the Don’s shoulder as they dance together while seated.

The couple then stands up, with KRG whispering something into Diana’s ear, eliciting laughter from her. Throughout the incident, Bahati appears unperturbed as he records the video.

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The viral footage has generated a flurry of mixed reactions from the couple’s followers.

Some fans expressing disappointment and concern over Bahati and Diana’s behaviour, considering Bahati’s past as a gospel singer.

Others have argued that the couple has the right to enjoy themselves and that their personal choices should not be subjected to unnecessary scrutiny.

This incident has added fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding Bahati’s musical journey, particularly his transition from gospel music to love songs.

The singer had previously announced that he would continue to serve God despite venturing into secular music.

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Some fans raised concerns about the fact that Diana Marua is still breastfeeding her less than a year old daughter, while others questioned the boundaries between singer KRG The Don and Bahati’s wife, Diana.

In the past, Diana has openly admitted to struggling with alcohol addiction.

The mother of three acknowledged having sought companionship from various men to fulfill different needs, including clothing, hairstyling, alcohol, and rent.

Diana also revealed that her drinking habits were persistent, extending from Monday to Monday.

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