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Sarah Hassan shares ‘little-known’ detail about her childhood

Kenyan renowned actress Sarah Hassan has shared a little-known detail about her younger days with her fans. 

While vacationing in Kilifi, the actress disclosed that she used to live in the coastal county when she was a toddler, only to have left and not go back again up until this day where she went back for to vacation courtesy of Bonfire Adventures. 

“I’ve been wanting to come to @silverpalmspaandresort for a super long minute and now…😃💃🏽🥁 we’re here courtesy of @bonfireadventures 😍💃🏽🏖️ 💛This girl is happy🎉🍾Fun fact: When I was super young, around 3years old, we actually lived in Kilifi for a couple of years and I haven’t properly been back since then so my soul is really happy right now🤗❤️🥹,” Hassan captioned an Instagram video.

The former TV host has been a pacesetter in the Kenyan film industry. She is a multi-award-winning actress and producer. She is one of Africa’s most established actors and TV personalities.

She has recently been featured in the short film Anyango and the Orge by Voline Ogutu. The film is set in the backdrop of a childhood folktale, following a 13-year-old boy struggling to protect his siblings from a monster that lives inside their home.

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Hassan started acting career at the age of 5 and became a household name when she played popular girl, Tanya in Citizen TV’s long-running high school drama Tahidi High, a debut role that earned her an award for Best Actress at the CHAT Awards twice in 2010 and 2011.

Since then Hassan has starred in numerous TV shows and films, produced a number of films as well as hosted various TV shows that have earned her multiple awards including Best Actress 2014 (Now That You’re Here), Best TV Host at the Kalasha Awards 2014 (Discovery+ 254) and Best East African Journalist 2015 at the Swahili Fashion week in Dar es salaam (Mashariki Mix and Maisha Max).

She was also voted the Best Actress at Kalasha Awards 2019 (Plan B), Best Actress in a film 2021 (Just In Time) and Best Actress in a series 2021(Crime And Justice). Her other major awards include Best Film at the AMVCA Awards in Nigeria 2019 (Plan B), Best Film at the Kalasha Awards 2020 (40 Sticks) and Best Film 2021 (Just In Time).

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In January 2016, she moved to Los Angeles, California, for two and a half years to study and learn more about the film industry. While in Los Angeles, she wrote, produced, co-directed and acted in a short film, The Company You Keep in 2018 that saw her bag four best actress awards and four best short film awards, including Best short film and Best Actress at the LA Shorts Awards 2018 and Best Actress at the Top Shorts Awards in LA 2018.

Through her production company Alfajiri Productions, Hassan also stepped more actively behind the camera producing the short film, The Company You Keep, while in Los Angeles, the romantic comedy, Plan B, that has now garnered over 4.5million organic views on YouTube, the short film Reflections, as well as the East/West African family comedy-drama, Just In Time that is now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

She also served as lead producer for the Kenyan thriller 40 Sticks that is now streaming on Netflix and earned 8 awards at the Kalasha Awards including Best Film.

Hassan was the most googled actor in Kenya 2013 and was ranked in the top 100 most influential young Kenyans in 2016 and 2021. Aside from that, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science and is the founder and creative director of Alfajiri Productions.

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