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Exclusive: Malala responds to OleKina’s choice of words during heated TV debate

UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala expressed his disappointment with Narok Senator Ledama OleKina over what he has termed as the latter’s use of derogatory language during a recent debate on national TV.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Malala voiced his concern over Senator OleKina’s remarks during the heated debate on Citizen TV where the senator called him a ‘boy’.

Mr Malala said the senator’s use of offensive language was despicable and unbecoming of someone in his position.

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“I cannot bring myself down to the level of Narok Senator Ledama OleKina. We are national leaders, and using certain language is despicable. Respect is a key thing in leadership, our citizens look up to us for guidance and inspiration, and it is imperative that we conduct ourselves in a manner that upholds the dignity of our positions,” Malala said.

Mr Malala said all national leaders have a responsibility to set a positive example for the citizens they represent.

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The UDA Secretary General called for a reevaluation of public discourse standards among politicians, urging all leaders to engage in respectful dialogue that focuses on the issues at hand, rather than resorting to personal attacks or offensive language.

Speaking on Citizen TV on Thursday, OleKina regretted that he came all the way from Narok to debate with a ‘boy’, saying the former Kakamega senator should be debating with fellow drama teachers.

“Today, you (Jeff) have disappointed me. I didn’t know I was coming to debate this boy. He should be debating with his fellow drama teachers. Had I known, I wouldn’t have rushed all the way from Narok,” OleKina said dismissively.

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