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Why self-proclaimed prophet was kicked out of President Ruto’s function

Attempts by self-proclaimed Prophet Joseph Chenge to speak to President William Ruto yet again failed when he was kicked out of an event that was attended by the head of state on Saturday.

Mr Chenge, the founder and leader of Jerusalem Mowar Church, has been on a mission to deliver a special message to President Ruto.

The self-proclaimed has used different methods to try and seek the attention of the president but all his attempts failed.

He once tried to convey his message through the media, but instead of getting a response from the president, police were sent to arrest and detain him.

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Mr Chenge’s latest attempt to talk to the head of state was perhaps the best as he was closer to the President than ever before.

But he still failed.

The president was attending a thanksgiving service of Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo in Kanyipir Village in Karachuonyo Constituency on Saturday.

Mr Chenge took advantage of the opportunity to take his message to him.

Seated strategically in the middle of a dome tent where the president was, the self-proclaimed prophet waited for the perfect time to execute his plan. The clergyman was accompanied by two followers who were by his side.

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After President Ruto arrived, everyone was told to sit down for the programme to start. It was then that Mr Chenge stirred drama by seeking the president’s attention.

As a pastor from the Seventh Day Adventist was paying at the main dias, Mr Chenge and his assistants were also praying at the back. Some of his words were not coming out clearly as he spoke in tongues.

At first everyone could hear him pray because of the silence. But his prayer was soon drowned by murmurs from the crowd.

People were beginning to turn and look at Mr Chenge as he was praying. This caught the attention of security personnel who then moved in got hold of Mr Chenge and his assistants and ordered them out of the tent.

A group of General Service Unit officers were then assigned to restrain them from causing anymore trouble.

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