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I knocked on several doors before achieving fame – Njugush

Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, popularly known as Njugush, has candidly opened up about his relentless pursuit of fame, emphasizing that he encountered numerous setbacks before achieving success.

Njugush revealed that he tirelessly knocked on doors, facing rejection multiple times along the way. Despite these failures, his unwavering determination kept him going.

“Actually, I knocked on several doors and faced numerous rejections. However, I always believed that one day I would break through,” Njugush told Nairobi News.

He attributes his journey to fame to his stamina and determination, highlighting how these qualities propelled him into the limelight.

In offering advice to young content creators, Njugush encouraged perseverance, saying, “Let us not give up… let’s continue pushing until we make ends meet.”

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The comedian, best known for his role in “The Real Househelps of Kawangware” series, revealed that a chance encounter with actor and scriptwriter Abel Mutua played a pivotal role in his career.

“I met Abel Mutua, who was looking for someone to host a new show he had launched. He saw how funny I was and saw potential in me. He reached out and told me he was looking for a ‘stupid’ person.”

This unexpected opportunity led to a shoot, where Njugush initially thought he would be doing something related to journalism. However, upon arrival, he was asked to shed his suit and get into a bathtub. It was at this shoot that his life began to change.

Njugush candidly admitted that many of his successes stemmed from failures and mistakes. He emphasized that his growth in the industry was facilitated by these very mistakes.

He reminisced, “After three episodes, people started getting curious about my identity. I didn’t have a name at the time, so after much consideration, they settled for Njugush. A lot of things in my life have been mistakes, but they ultimately worked out for the better.”

His journey serves as an inspiring testament to persistence, resilience, and the transformative power of embracing one’s mistakes.

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