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#IfikieMastude: Police to profile rioting students, past to show on conduct certificate

Police have started profiling and archiving students who engage in riots in learning institutions.

Rioting students will henceforth be prosecuted and their criminal record reflected on the certificate of good conduct, should they apply for one.

The new measure in meant to curb the rampant strikes in learning institution and will affects students from primary schools to tertiary institutions.


Many employers demand the certificate of good conduct from job applicants as a way of verifying their backgrounds and suitability for employment.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, police warned that they will be archiving and profiling every criminal act committed by a student.

“This is to warn every student from Primary School, Secondary School, College & University that the DCI is archiving & profiling every criminal act & consolidating charges that may be preferred to each & every student involved in any crime.”

“Let each student be informed that it will automatically be reflected on the Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct) when such student will apply for one.”

Under the hashtag of #IFIKIEMASTUDE, the police warned students that rioting will be a permanent criminal mark of their records that will bar many of them from achieving their goals.

Aprt from rioting, other crimes that will be archived include armed and unpeaceable demos, arson, drug abuse, cyber bullying, assault of any degree, drunkenness or any reported crime of any kind.

“This is therefore to warn the students and to ask parents, religious leaders and guardians to take note and advise them accordingly,” police said.