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I’m one of the most famous people in Kenya – Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo has, in a recent viral video, left her fans pondering her sobriety after she was seen dancing and being loud in a manner that shook the internet.

Still, in the video, the renowned TV girl shared advice with her fans, urging them to hang on and not give up, all while sharing a tip on how she ended up being one of the most celebrated people in the country.

“I’m one of the most famous people in Kenya. I used to speak to myself in the mirror at home before I became the best news anchor in the country, so don’t give up,” she said

Following the trending video, Kyallo shared a photo taken during the event and explained, “Started my My December last weekend 😂😂😂,” she wrote after the video went viral.

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The mother of one also recently amused her audience after she expressed just how she dislikes the word ‘baby mama’.

She explained this to Oga Obinna, saying, “That term sounds so… I don’t even know how to explain it. Like baby mama! Sijui it sounds aje, mimi sijawahi itwa hivyo (I have never been referred to using that term, ‘baby mama’. It sounds so off).”

“Like it gives me the sense of an angry, confrontational lady just yelling like come here! Don’t do this and that to my baby and so on… I just think of myself as a lady who has a child with a guy,” she added.

Just two weeks ago, Kyallo opened up about her past relationships, revealing she is on good terms with most of her former lovers.

The former TV news presenter also disclosed that she has never been dumped, although there was a close call once when she took the initiative to end the relationship before her lover could do it.

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“There is this one guy, I can’t remember what I did and he started withdrawing, and when I noticed that, and because I’m not the kind of a lady to be dumped, I dumped him first before he could dump me,” she said in an interview with Nation.

According to Betty, this particular ex was supposedly intimidated by the financial responsibilities associated with maintaining the relationship.

“I think he was scared of my maintenance, a bill here a bill there so he started acting up, and being unavailable. But we are good friends now, I’m good with most of my exes which is a good thing I think,” she said.

Betty also claimed that only one man had ever turned down her advances. The ex-KTN and K24 anchor also touched on her current dating life, affirming her dedication to her businesses. She expressed a more cautious approach to dating moving forward, influenced by her past relationships.

“There are good guys out there, but for now, I’m not available. I feel like when you are a celebrity or famous, you can never be sure what reason(s) brings someone to your life.”

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“I say so because I have been in relationships where I’m just a trophy, by that I mean the guy doesn’t want you to talk or work. He just wants you to sit there looking pretty and smile. This is why you need to go a bit slow (with being in a relationship). Right now I’m at a good space,” Kyallo said.

The mother of one concluded by acknowledging the challenges that accompany wealth and fame, particularly in the context of her dating life.

“For women of our stature, and I have had this discussion with some of my peers, we feel like most good guys shy away from hitting on us because of the perception they have of us. They probably think we are high maintenance but I want to say to them, that they need to be confident and approach us except for me. We can always work out these things you know,” she opined.