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I’m providing employment: Singer Mercy Atis defends running Kitengela strip club

By Winnie Mabel September 22nd, 2022 2 min read

Three days after police raided the Motherland Club in Kitengela and shut it down for running a strip club and brothel, the owner, Mercy Atis, defended running the business.

Speaking to the Star, Atis said she lived in the United States of America and to fend for herself, so she became a stripper- something that is considered a norm in the country.

“In Kenya, there are several strip clubs. In Mombasa, Malindi, Nairobi and even in Kitengela. There are many strip clubs that I know of but I will not mention them.

So, strip dancing is just like a job. It is providing employment to the women who are stripping.”

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Mercy who is famed for the viral hit, I don’t Wanna Know added, “Everybody who comes to a club is 18 years old and above and they come by choice.

Nobody forces anybody to strip and nobody forces anybody to watch.

It’s a good business because for me it helps to promote the drinks (I sell) because as they (police) said, the house was fully packed.

It promotes my business and also helps provide employment to the girls,” Atis defended her business model.

She said her strippers have children and that there have never been any children stripping in her club.

No one under the age of 18 is allowed in her club. She also refuted claims that she runs a brothel in Motherland as the media claimed or that any drug use is encouraged and tolerated.

“There is no marijuana here. We don’t even allow smoking of cigarettes in this facility. Let’s make it very clear that what is going on here is strip dancing, which is normal, there is no law that I know of that is against it but if there are any licenses that are required, I am willing to pay for them,” Atis concluded.

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Watch Mercy talking about her club.

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Motherland Club was raided after the public raised concerns regarding operations inside the facility.

Claims of orgies in plain view were also noted during the raid and there was an apparent rule that no one was allowed to film the acts with their mobile phones.

“I came for the first day to confirm the rumours. It is barbaric, immoral and unacceptable in society. Relevant authorities ought to have moved with speed to stop it immediately it started operating,” a reveller told Nation.

The club was shut down and Atis was later arrested for running a strip club contrary to the law.

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