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Intoxicated OCS commits suicide after shooting dead his girlfriend in bar

A senior police officer in Likoni, Mombasa, has killed himself after shooting dead his girlfriend in a fit of rage.

Likoni Deputy Officer Commanding Station Joab Omondi gunned down the woman, identified in police report as Ms Peninah Kaimenyi, at Lovely Bar in Mtongwe following a quarrel on Thursday night.

Witnesses on Friday told the Nation that the Administration Police chief patronised the bar and was well known to attendants and other regular customers.

He had been served by Ms Kaimenyi when he picked a quarrel with her at 11.40pm.

It was not immediately clear what could have caused the heated verbal exchange that last lasted a few minutes.

Mad, Mr Omondi whipped out his Ceska pistol, serial number G5969, pointed it at the defenceless woman, pulled the trigger and shot her in the head without blinking.

According to the police report seen by the Nation, Ms Kaimenyi was rushed to Coast General Hospital for treatment.

But she was not lucky.

“Body moved to Coast General Hospital mortuary. The motive of the shooting is yet to be established,” the report reads in part.

The incident was reported at Inuka Police Station and police said investigations are ongoing.

Detectives who went to the scene recovered the pistol with 11 bullets.