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Isis Models to scout for catwalk talent in Kenya and the continent

By Winnie Onyando December 21st, 2023 2 min read

Joan Okorodudu, the visionary founder of Isis Modelling Agency, renowned as one of Africa’s premier modelling agencies, has set her sights on revolutionizing the industry by scouting and empowering diverse talents from Kenya and across the continent.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, December 20, at the Isis Models Nairobi office in Darosa Plaza, Karen, Okorodudu outlined her vision and strategy for the upcoming year.

The dynamic plan involves launching a nationwide talent hunt, specifically targeting remote and marginalized areas such as Turkana, Samburu, and West Pokot.

This initiative aims to discover and nurture models who may not have had exposure to the mainstream industry.

The selected models will receive a golden opportunity to showcase their talents on the prestigious platform of Africa’s Next Super Model, a renowned competition highlighting the continent’s finest modelling talents.

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Okorodudu, during the briefing, stressed her commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within Isis Models. Her goal is to provide opportunities for girls of all sizes, heights, and colors to shine on the runway, truly representing the beauty and diversity inherent in Africa.

“Isis Models will be inclusive to stay ahead of the trend by making sure that black girls in Kenya and Africa get the opportunity of the runway,” she asserted.

The founder also celebrated the agency’s past successes, citing instances of scouting young talent from South Sudan, including the Kakuma Refugee Camp, and supporting them in launching successful modelling careers internationally.

In a significant move, Okorodudu declared Kenya as the headquarters of Isis Models. Following the success of Kenya hosting the inaugural Africa’s Next Super Model event on October 28, 2023, she unveiled plans to establish a fashion hub in the country, creating opportunities for fashion designers, makeup artists, and models.

Furthermore, Okorodudu announced collaborations with international fashion powerhouses, including Louis Vuitton and Gucci, bringing these iconic brands to Kenya to work with black models and elevate them into world-class professional supermodels.

Radiating optimism and excitement about the future of modelling in Africa, Okorodudu called upon the media and the public to support her groundbreaking initiative, envisioning a future where the industry thrives with diversity, inclusivity, and a platform for emerging talents.