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Jaguar: I have never smoked or touched alcohol!

Charles Njagua Kanyi, widely known as Jaguar, took a strong stance against substance abuse within the music industry during a recent interaction with bloggers on Saturday, January 12.

The Kigeugeu hitmaker emphasized that he has never indulged in drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, and he encourages fellow musicians to learn from his example.

Speaking about the pitfalls of performing while intoxicated, Jaguar stated:

“I have never touched alcohol, I have never smoked cigarettes or any drug. I will encourage our artistes to use their opportunities well. When you are invited for a gig and you start asking for expensive alcohol brands, you might go broke and start using even the cheap ones.”

Jaguar, who has built a successful career in the music industry, urged artists to plan their lives carefully.

“If you are not careful to plan your life well, don’t come to beg us to contribute money for you. I will not help you,” he asserted, underlining the importance of responsible decision-making.

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In a previous interview with Nairobi News, Jaguar highlighted that his wealth primarily comes from his music career. He emphasized the financial rewards of the arts.

“There is no industry as financially rewarding as the arts. If you are serious and create good music, you will make money.”

Sharing insights gained from his 15-year experience in the industry, Jaguar emphasized the significance of crafting hit songs and offered guidance to emerging artists. He urged them to focus on their craft and adopt a business-oriented mindset.

Jaguar’s financial success as a musician surpassed his earnings as a Member of Parliament.

“Even when I was an MP, and I have said this before, the money I made as a musician exceeded what I earned as a member of parliament.”

The artist believes that the music industry holds immense financial potential for those who approach it as a serious business.

Addressing common misconceptions, Jaguar cautioned artists against relying solely on label deals for success.

He urged them to shift their mentality, recognizing that success in the music industry requires a combination of talent, hard work, and a strategic approach.