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Jalang’o: ‘Boys Club’ scandal cost me endorsements

Media personality Felix Odiwuor says he lost out on endorsements and other gigs when the ‘Boys Club’ scandal, to which he was linked, hogged media headlines in 2020.

The radio presenter, real name Jalang’o, and his friends were ‘exposed’ by blogger Edgar Obare via WhatsApp chats that suggested they were involved in sexual escapades among other stuff.

He has consistently pleaded his innocence.

And now, speaking on his radio show, Jalang’o, who is reported to earn millions of shillings a month in appearance fee on advertisements, emceeing, and through his online show Jalang’o TV, admits Obare’s claims also hurt his pocket.

“(After these claims were made public) I got a call from a client who I was supposed to work for during the Covid-19 period and he told me he is pulling out,” Jalang’o told his co-host Kamene Goro.

“I also had another call from a client I’d worked with for some time and he also said he had no choice other than pulling out.”

“Another client also called and explained that even though things (read my brand) were messed up, he was not pulling out. Some of those who pulled out are begging to come back but I have told them God is not from your village.”

In a previous interview, Jalang’o also explained he had to explain the whole situation to his wife.

“I am lucky because my mama knew all these people I was accused of messing up with. They are my friends. I just showed her our chats and everything was okay. It was just an issue of working on my brand.”

He added that the whole experience left him ‘broken’.

“People have blown this out of proportion and I can assure you we are totally broken. I have had people call me to encourage me and the boys and others calling to just condemn us, we have taken this as a lesson. There is a lot of malice and hate around it but we can’t go there now,” he said.