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Joey Muthengi ‘bumps’ into Mariga in Italy, but Kenyans don’t buy it

Former Citizen TV presenter Joey Muthengi on Wednesday shared a photo of her meeting with footballer McDonald Mariga in Italy, saying she just bumped into him.

Joey and Mariga starred ina betting advertisement where they displayed impressive on-screen chemistry.

During her resignation from Citizen TV last month, Joey joked that she was heading to Italy to reconnect with her “boyfriend” Mariga, even as the footballer was said to be in a serious relationship with a Spanish beauty.

Her latest photos have reignited speculation on the true nature of her relationship with Mariga.

Kenyans commented on her post hoping for some relationship news.

Rankingneville commented; “Mmekutana at the perfect time and the perfect weather..??? if you know you know ???.”

Njokipat added; “Sisi kama instagrams inlaws we are now following it from here …”

kaikara9 wrote;, “Ran into indeed??????.”

Kipgram stated; “Run over him❤️.”