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Just Moh Fit explains how she grew her behind without butt lift procedure

Of all the body parts considered to be the hallmark of women’s physical beauty, well at least in Kenya, the derriere is perhaps the most obsessed upon.

This fixation is even getting worse having been fueled by the widespread usage of social media, Instagram to be very specific. Aesthetics is now in vogue. Or is it not?

The heighted craze to have this body part pop up and out has now seen most women willing to risk it all taking all manner of shortcuts to enhance this very soft muscle.

According to Vitality Fountain Clinic in Kenya, the most common butt enhancement procedure, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or Kenyan Butt Lift (KBL) will cost you between Sh600,000 to Sh900,000.

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But even if you choose this shortcut, according to Vitality, you will still be required to exercise, starting around week eight after undergoing the butt procedure.

However, for a few ladies like Ruth Mumbi Gatonye aka Just Moh Fit, it’s easier and economically viable building a desired glute through workouts.

The content creator says she is an example, having stayed the course as far as workouts is concerned and ended up gaining exactly what others have paid at least Sh600,000 to have, in four years.

“I used to be very tiny when I started my fitness journey, I wasn’t like this (point hips and butts). Lifting weights got me here and this to me is proof that any woman can achieve their desired nyash,” Just Moh Fit says.

Ruth Mumbi Gatonye aka Just Moh Fit. PHOTO| WILFRED NYANGARESI

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The 26-year-old used to weigh 56kgs when she started her fitness journey now weighs 72kgs. To achieve her butt gains, she had to put in the work.

“Squats have been heavily recommended as one of the most effective exercises to build the glutes but it’s not. Hip thrust is,” Gatonye says.

Hip thrust is where the shoulders rest on the back on an elevated surface while in the concentric part the pelvis moves upwards usually under added weight until the thighs reach a right angle with the calves.

The hip thrust motion mainly targets both the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius as well as the hamstrings muscles. But even before you get there, Just Moh Fit has something else to say.

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“You will need to be eating at a calorie surplus. What most women want at the same time to have a big butt and small waist and sometimes you have to sacrifice one for the other. For instance, right now I am bulking. That means I have to sacrifice my abs (core) a little for my nyash (butt) to look a certain way. Women need to understand that with glutes you cannot spot-train. You can’t eat your food and decide where the gains to your body should go,” she says.

Besides workouts, Mumbi says you should also pray that the genetics favour you because they play a huge role in determining who well one can achieve their desired glutes.

“Genetics play a big role as well. Some people store fat in the arms like my case, others in the back, some in the stomach. So women need to understand they can get the big nyash but they will first have to bulk up by consuming more calories, then go on a calorie deficit to achieve the small waist but now there is no killing two birds with one stone in this scenario. You will have to do all these things to achieve that unless you want to do BBL there is no shortcut in fitness,” she says.

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