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Bonfire owners ‘the Kabus’ officially join billionaires club

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah Kabu have proudly announced that they have joined the billionaires club.

During an interview with Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya, the couple expressed their delight, attributing their success to the remarkable growth of their tours and travel company.

Sarah expressed gratitude to God for their elevated status, emphasizing that their company is now valued in the billions of shillings.

“We thank God that we are now in the billionaires club officially. It means that our company is worth billions now,” Sarah said.

This significant achievement reflects the incredible progress and prosperity that Bonfire Adventures has experienced under their leadership.

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The Kabus have now joined the prestigious list of Kenya’s wealthiest individuals, marking a remarkable journey for Bonfire Adventures, a renowned African tours and travel company.

Simon’s story is an inspiring example of a rags-to-riches transformation, as he went from being a matatu tout to a billionaire.

Simon, a father of two, in the past shared the heartwarming tale of how he first met his wife on December 1, 2007.

Simon recounted their encounter within a Google group where discussions ranged from various topics.

As fate would have it, the group decided to organize a team-building event, and due to Simon and Sarah’s notable contributions in the online discussions, they were chosen as organizers for the team-building trip to Lukenya.

Simon eagerly anticipated meeting Sarah and, upon boarding the bus, extended his hand to greet her, hoping she would join him.

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However, to his surprise, she politely declined and instead chose to sit with another gentleman at the back.

Simon couldn’t help but notice their animated conversation, during which he overheard the man mention that he had recently completed his MBA, leaving Simon feeling somewhat disheartened.

Nonetheless, Simon was determined to make a connection.

During the team-building activities in Lukenya, Simon strategically placed himself in the same group as Sarah, ensuring that his perceived competition was assigned to another group.

Simon seized the opportunity to impress Sarah by using his newly acquired poetic skills, engaging her with charming words.

As the team-building session took a break, Simon took the chance to approach the other gentleman and inquire about Sarah’s background.

The response he received made his heart sink, leaving the readers eager to know what unfolded next in their captivating love story.

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