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Who is Kibe? Bien denies knowing Andrew Kibe

Sauti Sol’s band member, Bien-Aimé Baraza, has refuted claims by Andrew Kibe that the boy band refused to meet the former radio presenter during their time in the US.

During an interview with Milele FM, Bien feigned ignorance, saying he has neither  heard of the popular blogger nor crossed paths with him before.

“I have no idea who Kibe is. Just leave him alone; I don’t know him. Who is he? Is he an artiste? I am not his fan, and I have never seen or met him,” Bien.

“Why is he angry? Everyone is angry. He’s not alone. Taxes are high, everything is expensive. It’s painful, but we’ll get used to it.”

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Kibe had earlier claimed that he had attempted to arrange a meeting with Sauti Sol by contacting their manager but was informed that the group had no interest in meeting him.

“I told the promoter that I was in town and wanted to meet Sauti Sol. The manager informed me that they were not interested, that they did not want to meet me now or ever. I was taken aback and wondered what was happening. They are simply not interested,” Kibe said.

“It was a humbling moment. Sometimes you may think you are a big deal, but in reality, you are not. I thought I was a big deal, but clearly, I was not,” Kibe explained.

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In May, when Sauti Sol announced their decision to temporarily split, Kibe openly criticized the band, claiming he had predicted their breakup.

However, in a previously released video on his YouTube channel, Kibe suggested that Bien was being held back by the band.

He stated that if Bien wanted to attain greater success and recognition across the continent, he would need to part ways with the group.

Kibe also said Bien served as the musical glue holding Sauti Sol together, suggesting that the band would not exist without his presence.

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