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Kakamega politics: Khalwale defends Peter Salasya in tussle with Governor Fernades Barasa

By Sammy Waweru November 14th, 2023 2 min read

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has leaped to the defence of Mumias East lawmaker Peter Salasya after the youthful lawmaker was booed and assaulted by goons at a recent event in his constituency.

In the ensuing melee which occurred during a fundraising drive at a Catholic Church in his constituency on November 12, 2023, goons stepped onto the dais and snatched the microphone when Salasya was addressing the public.

A fracas ensued and guns were drawn but nobody was injured.

Incidentally, the fracas commenced as Salasya appeared to criticise the policies and leadership style of Kakamega Governor, who was present at the event.

And Khalwale, who is reportedly eyeing the Kakamega gubernatorial seat in the 2027 polls, has appeared to blame Barasa for the incident.

“Kakamega is a very peaceful county. We rarely have incidents where guns are drawn. Salasya is free to say what he thinks at any event and the Governor should allow people to talk. There is freedom of speech in this country,” said Khalwale.

Before the melee ensued, Salasya was heard criticising the county boss on not only the state of sugarcane farming in the county but also on the feeble attempts to resuscitate the Mumias Sugar factory.

“I want him to be a good governor so that he can serve another term, but we have a problem with those people around him, and that is why you hear me lamenting every time now and then,” said Salasya.

“The electorates gave you their votes because of the faith they had in you. Mumias issues (referring to sugarcane farming) are what makes me differ from you. As a leader, you must address issues that matter to your people,” he added.

“Before you talk about Mumias, ask yourself what you have done to help sugarcane farmers,” the legislator stated.

The statements seemed to anger Barasa’s supporters, who initially started heckling him.
He got upset, resorting to engaging in a push and pull.

Police officers had to intervene, assisted by some civilians, to calm down Mr Salasya, who appeared to be agitated.

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