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Kanze Dena lauds Tanzanian singer Christina Shusho for Kikuyu hit

By Amina Wako September 15th, 2021 2 min read

State House spokesperson Kanze Dena has led Kenyans in celebrating Tanzania Gospel songstress Christina Shush, who’s dropped a Kikuyu hit dubbed Tuinue Ruimbo.

In this song, Shusho, considered one of the most popular gospel artists in East Africa, is heard singing flawlessly in Kikuyu, a popular Kenyan vernacular language.

The singer has also shared her opinion of the song in a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram, while suggesting the project was anything but straightforward.

“I initially had to sing word by word. Many do not know the effort we put in behind the scenes before coming up with the refined product,” she explained.

The song has been watched about 500,000 times on YouTube, a week after it was uploaded.


Shusho has made her name in the gospel circles in Kenya with some popular hits including ‘Thamani ya Wokovu, Napenda, and Nipe Macho which have all been produced in Swahili, East Africa’s national language, and the one commonly spoken in her native Tanzania.

“My Kenyan brothers, our neighbours, I’m excited to be part of this wonderful song. It was hard to produce it in Kikuyu but we worked hard to ensure it happens.”

Kenyans have since shared their approval of the track.

“Dada, nakuvulia kofia for taking the challenge. You are amazing,” wrote Dena.

“Such a powerful ministration our very own Wanjiru. I don’t know you could sing in Kikuyu. You did it perfectly,” another fan commented.

In this three-minute video which is filmed in the coastal region of Kenya, Shusho talks about God’s greatness with lyrics including; ‘Now come and let us sing the song of praise from our hearts because God has done it for us. Our tears were turned into laughter. We’ve been given a bounty harvest despite the sun/dryness just like Isaac from the ancient times.”