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Karen Nyamu’s post mocks Edday for dumping Samidoh

Three months after Edday Nderitu, the estranged wife to Mugithi maestro Samidoh, went abroad, the love between the musician and his baby mama Karen Nyamu is growing stronger by the day.

The nominated senator allied to United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has of late been boasting of bagging Samidoh – real name Samuel Muchoki.

Their very public affair triggered Edday to quit her 15-year marriage.

To prove to social media in-laws and naysayers that Samidoh is now firmly entrenched with Karen, the politician posted a photo online reminiscing about their memories of when they started seeing each other.

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Clad in a dark blue hoodie, Karen and Samidoh are photographed embracing each other.

The politician revealed through a Facebook post that the photo was taken back in 2020 during a Dubai tour.

“TBT: The year is 2020 in Dubai. Wadau hapa ni kama nilikua nimepigwa ngeta ama…na kuna simu yangu mpaka wa leo sijawai ipata, ilipotea hii siku…mtupe ni msanye…” Karen captioned.

In the largely Swahili captioned photo, Karen claimed her heart had been hijacked, and now it has a new owner, in this case, Samidoh. This happened during their Dubai trip in 2020, where coincidentally, she also lost her phone, which she has never traced to date.

Karen employed another significant Swahili expression in her post, ‘Mtupe ni msanye,’ cryptically alluding to Edday’s relationship with Samidoh.

This phrase implies a situation where someone has been left, and another person has come in to take their place.

In a rejoinder reply that ostensibly could be the first time Samidoh is responding to Karen online, he wrote, “Ningejishuku lakini techno?……(In Nyako’s voice) – I would suspect myself, but the [stolen phone] is Techno,” he wrote.

The post has had varied reactions from the fans, some congratulating the duo as a couple while others condemning her over what they term as “breaking someone else marriage”.

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In December 2022, Samidoh toured Dubai for a concert, and it was during the visit that Karen and Edday almost came to blows.

A viral video showed Karen going to where Samidoh was seated, past his security detail and forcefully sat on his lap.

Edday, could not take the disrespect, and she went to protect her territory.

Karen lost her cool and nearly slapped the baby daddy, a move stopped by his bouncers.

She is never shy of posting Samidoh with their two kids.

This year’s Father’s Day, June 18, the politician, who is also a lawyer, celebrated the Kikuyu singer and even posted him on her social media handles.

Edday Nderitu left the country for the United States (US) on May 1, 2023, and she may not make a comeback.

Nairobi News has established Edday is seeking to relocate to the States. She has even enrolled in a driving course, the credible source revealing she is looking for a job.

She relocated with her three children she bore with Samidoh.

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