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Kenyan-Born Israeli singer Gilad Millo shares son’s return to the Israeli army

Renowned Israeli-Kenyan musician, Gilad Millo, has penned a poignant message in response to the recent escalation of hostilities between Palestinian militant groups, notably led by Hamas, and Israel.

The conflict has triggered widespread concern and emotional responses from individuals around the world.

Through a video on his Instagram page, Gilad shared a heartfelt message that provided a personal insight into the impact of the ongoing conflict on his family.

He began by sharing the news that his son, Omer, had made the courageous decision to return to Israel to join his paratrooper unit as a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

“Early this morning our son #Omer landed in Israel to join his paratrooper unit as a reservist in @idf 🇮🇱,” Gilad’s message read.

Omer had previously completed his army service over a year ago but was moved to act in the face of the recent tragic events.

Hamas terrorists unleashed a devastating attack on October 7th, resulting in the loss of over 1300 innocent Israeli lives.

Despite numerous flight cancellations and the challenges posed by the ongoing crisis, Omer found a way to return to his homeland.

His sister, Lia, who serves as a soldier in the IDF, played a significant role in welcoming him home.

Lia, who had been tirelessly working around the clock since the devastating events on Saturday, was engaged in training combat medical teams in preparation for active duty.

Her dedication and commitment to her service were evident as she aided in the preparations to respond to the ongoing crisis.

Both Omer and Lia, raised in Kenya, made the profound decision to join the Israeli army out of a sense of duty.

They, along with countless other young individuals, have been directly affected by the recent attacks, as they have lost friends and acquaintances in these tragic events.

Gilad Millo and his wife expressed their pride and admiration for their children, stating:

“Kids your Mother and I are as proud as any parent can be of their children for the incredible human beings you have become ❤️ our hearts are full.”

Gilad concluded with a heartfelt prayer for the safety and well-being of Omer, Lia, and all those who are serving and affected by the ongoing crisis.