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Kenyan evangelist on TikTok narrates experience with ‘borderline witchcraft in church’

By Winnie Mabel November 2nd, 2022 3 min read

A Kenyan woman on Tik Tok caught the attention of many online users when she narrated her experience with what she described as “borderline witchcraft in church.”

In the video seen by Nairobi News on November 2, 2022, @ministry4real7- a born-again Christian evangelist- told of how she walked away from a church when they told congregants to carry certain paraphernalia to church for prayers.

“Since people are talking about this subject of false prophets and whatever they use- like if a pastor tells you to bring a bottle of water, do this with salt, and so forth, that means this person is a false prophet and let me give my story about this.

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Tiktoker amd Evangelist Ministry For Real
Tiktoker amd Evangelist Ministry For Real

So there is this pastor that I was introduced to by a close relative here online, and at that time, I was just starting out on my salvation journey, so I was a junior Christian, basically.

I never knew about Christianity like that, like how to be in a relationship with Christ. I didn’t know the word.

So I joined this church online, and we prayed all the time like I was really a committed member.

So suddenly, I just stopped going online, and I started saying I’m going to have a personal relationship with Christ.

So he followed up on me and asked, ‘Why don’t you attend our online sermons nowadays, you don’t attend the services’ I was like ‘I’m just busy, and I have personal stuff going on’.

Meanwhile, I was like ‘God, I’m really having weird feelings about this pastor. Please God, tell me, show me a sign that this person is either false or genuine’.

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Tiktoker amd Evangelist Ministry For Real
Tiktoker amd Evangelist Ministry For Real

God was silent.

I used to ask Him for about eight months down the line and about three to four weeks ago, you know, we are usually in a group, so in the group, he said, ‘Hey guys, we’re having an online service, make sure you attend and don’t forget to bring a red piece of cloth and a black piece of cloth.’

And I was like, what! This is over. That was the sign. What was I waiting for? Are we going to be praying with pieces of cloth? I was like, what is that?

According to my little knowledge, because this has just been but one year in walking with Christ, or what I’ve read is that it’s just you and Jesus, your prayers cut across; there is no catalyst, and there is nothing you guys should be doing- there is nothing else you need!

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You pray or fast. Prayers cut across everything. The blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, that’s all you need. Even the colours of the clothes, I think God just confirmed it for me, and that was it for me,” said the Tik Toker.

Her sentiments were met with mixed reactions as some affirmed that it was true and questioned how salt water ‘stuff’ is related to Jesus, as others said this was occultist behaviour.

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