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Kenyan man entices school dropouts with Sh364k American cruise ship jobs

A Kenyan man residing in the United States of America encouraged his fellow countrymen to apply for cruise ship jobs in America. According to the man, who goes by @theKenyanAmericanHome on TikTok, cruise ship employees are paid an average of $2600 dollars a month (Sh 364,390) and only had to cater for their personal needs.

“Hello my people. This guy is wondering if it is really $2600 per month to work on a cruise ship. Yes, it is $2600 per month. You should know that with this $2600, you won’t live like us who are on land because we pay bills and for so many other things, my people.

We are deducted so many things from our salaries but for the person working on the cruise ship, the cruise ship management will pay for everything for you.

Your only expenses will be personal expenses like getting beauty products for yourself and so on. Everything else, the cruise ship will cater for them.”

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“I don’t just tell people to not use agents and then not tell you what to do. This previous video took me three and a half hours to prepare as I spoke with Travel with Thuo to show you the ways you can find yourself on a cruise ship.

If you are a butcher, a plumber, whether you are studied or not- as long as you completed your high school level, that is the only requirement to apply for these jobs,” the TikToker said.

He went on to say that he found agents bringing people to Canada as high risks because of their appetite for large sums of money, between Sh 500,000 and Sh 700,000, to process documents for applicants to travel to the country.

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“If you do these processes alone, it would cost you $185 Canadian dollars (Sh 19,637) for the application of the tourist visa and the biometrics. And this is cheaper than the American dollars.

This is less than $200 American dollars if you do this process for yourself but an agent will charge you between $5,000 and $7,000.

What business have you ever seen with such a profit margin? This is the reason I say agents are a scam. People shouldn’t be conned to such levels,” concluded the TikToker.

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