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Kenyan man who stabbed seven people in India has mental issues, police say

A Kenyan national who stabbed and injured at least seven people in Mumbai, may have some mental health issues, police in the Indian capital said on Friday.

The incident occurred near Tata Garden and Parsi Well in south Mumbai on Wednesday evening. The suspect was produced in court on Thursday but kept changing his version of what happened.

“He seems to be mentally disturbed,” said a police officer who was quoted by the local media.

According to the local police, the seven injured persons are out of danger while the attacker, who also sustained injuries on his hand, was also admitted in hospital before being produced in court.

“During the investigation conducted so far, it came to light that the accused seems to have some mental health issues. He changed his versions and also spoke about God,” a court official said.

The man, who has been as identified as John Menty, was produced before an Esplanade court magistrate who asked him if he had any complaints about the police.

He said, “No”, but went on speaking in the courtroom in a loud voice.

“If you leave me, I will not complain about you. I will not file a case against them. (Aziad Maidan police station personnel). The living God is going to punish them,” he said.

The officers were forced to take him outside the courtroom.

Police have also spoken to a woman whom he was talking to before the attacked happened.

“The woman told the police that the accused had been visiting the area for the past two months,” said an officer.

Police are trying to ascertain whether the accused was under the influence of drugs or alcohol as he got violent after a verbal altercation with his female friend.

According to local media reports, police had also sought to establish if there was any terror angle involved in the attack, but that has since been ruled.

An officer said, that people who know him were being questioned.

The police team managed to retrieve CCTV footage in order to analyse and find out the details that happened prior to the incident.

The officers said they will also cross-check the suspect’s records from the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office. The accused will be produced in court on Monday.