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Kenyan TikTok star heads to Dubai for international gig

Moya David, the Kenyan who has been spreading the love on streets with his dance surprises, has left for Dubai.

The 25-year-old dubbed the King of Street Happiness is known for approaching strangers on the street and charming them into joining him in a dance or simply cheering them up.

Moya who in the past interviewed revealed that he is highly booked by followers in the diaspora and around the world will be in Dubai for a five-day tour beginning August 7, 2022.

“The King of romance and surprises will be in town from 7th to 11th this week,” he wrote alongside a picture of himself at the airport.

The Tiktok star who has over 3.4 million followers with 41.9 million likes revealed he started dancing professionally in 2019.

However, it was in 2021 that he decides to get creative and created street dance content.

Moya said he commercialized his TikTok videos when he realized people started loving his work.

He chose to do Tik Tok differently: on the streets.

“Most people do a common thing on Tik Tok: dancing. So I thought of coming up with something new that will involve people in the streets, women in markets,” he said.

In a previous interview, Moya revealed that he was paid Sh250,000 by a Nigerian national who asked him to surprise his wife for the 30-minute preparation.

“It has become a proper business. Nigerians are used to being romantic and that is why I’m going to do a tour there. There was a Nigerian who paid me 250k for doing a surprise to their lover and it was done virtually,” he said.

With the growing demand for his services, Moya has started his own company and is recruiting staff. He also has a dance school where he trains people on a monthly basis.

“I’ve started a small company called Moya Surprises since it is becoming a big thing. Now I am recruiting more people. I have an academy, I normally train people every end of the month, initially, it was every Sunday but due to my tight schedule I’m unable to do so,” he said.