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Kenyans now ‘covering up’ semi nude women on Twitter, and it’s hilarious

By CHAD KITUNDU February 10th, 2018 1 min read

Kenyans on Twitter have taken matters into their own hands to ‘cover up’ semi nude photos of women shared online under the hashtag #WakianikaTunafunika.

The hashtag has been trending for the past few days with KOT editing photos of semi-naked women by putting decent clothes on them or simply covering them up.

The trend reportedly seeks to cover any part of the women’s perceived ‘nudity’ such as their booty, cleavage and thighs.

Several women, including celebrities and socialites, have now fallen victim to #WakianikaTunafunika as they get ‘redone’ with ‘decent’ clothes in hilarious photoshopped images.

Here are some of the most interesting ones: