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Kenyans have noticed something ‘unusual’ about this Uhuru photo

Photos of President Uhuru Kenyatta enjoying some alone time with First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at the Tsavo National Park has excited the online community for some bit of peculiarity.

Pictures of the first couple unwinding at the park have since gone viral eliciting mixed reactions at the head of state’s calmness as the nation awaits the Supreme Court ruling over the presidential election petition.

However, what captured the attention of hawk eyed netizens is one of this photos in which the president is captured alone watching a herd of elephants taking a mud bath at a watering hole.


Uhuru, First Lady ‘take it easy’ ahead of Supreme Court ruling

In that particular photo, President Kenyatta’s hand and shoes appears to have been splashed with mud – what netizens are now calling a mud splash ‘tatoo’.

Here are some of the comments that the photo has elicited from the online community:

goodchance wrote_kwani ako na tattoo while joekenya officialIs said that a tattoo?

magdalynemuthoni commented Gud show toward our prezzo God bless you while njokinjiru said Nimeimagine vile ulikuwa unacheza na mchanga ukipaka Kwa mkono… enyewe kila msee anakautoto kake.

carlonje_muziq_254 just wrote Mr President while amoresperoz_ asked Is that a tattoo mzea? while fishroba commentedI’m sure my guy here was saying “That one is familiar! I’ve seen it on the Tusker botoro”