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KFC spent Sh65 million on funding local films

Kenya Film Commission (KFC) says it has spent over 65 million since it began its film empowerment program in 2020 aimed at funding youthful local filmmakers towards actualizing their projects.

Speaking to Nairobi News at the 6th Kalasha International Film and TV Market in Nairobi, KFC Chief Executive Officer Timothy Osawe clarified the program is currently in its third phase.

“Since 2020 we have been championing this program. From the first cycle, we funded 14 projects the second cycle we were able to fund 16 projects, and in the third cycle, we spent 40 million funding 22 projects. The third cycle is still underway,” Owase revealed.

Osawe, a certified Film Commissioner, further stated that other than the commission funding local filmmakers, it has laid out strategies to track return on investments.

“We have been training our local distributors and empowering them so that they can track films that we have funded to see that we have the return on investment. Nonetheless, I think we still need to have a film fund established,” he added.

Bangarang one of the feature film that was awarded Sh4 million is currently streaming on Netflix. Tom Mboya documentary, feature film Safari each also received Sh4 million being the films that received the largest share of funding.

In the first cycle, a total of 72 filmmakers submitted their projects for consideration but only 14 made the cut getting funding of Sh25 million.

To get the funding, filmmakers must be based in Kenya and must have worked in at least one film project.

Independent filmmakers who do not own a film company are also eligible with the applicants required to be aged between 18-35 years.

Osawe says in fulfilling the program, the commission has been collaborating with Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a German development agency that provides tailor-made, cost-efficient and effective services for sustainable development to implement the third cycle.

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