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KIdero: Nairobians have never had it so good

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero says he has fulfilled his pledges to residents and has figures to “prove” it.

Speaking on NTV’s Sidebar on Wednesday night, Dr Kidero enumerated his successes since he came into office in 2013.

He has created new development and strategic plans for Nairobi and is in the process of implementing them.

The last time the city was planned was in the 1970s and that plan was not even implemented, he said.

Dr Kidero boasted of flushing out 3,000 ‘ghost’ workers.


He also passed a law replacing 14-seater matatus with 51-seater ones to reduce congestion “caused by public transport by two-thirds”.

The law was shot down by President Uhuru Kenyatta, he said.

Dr Kidero further boasted of having increased jobs in the construction industry five-fold due to faster approval processes he has put in place.

He said that before, only a million square metres for construction would be approved compared to the current rate of five million square metres.


On health, Dr Kidero said Pumwani maternity hospital’s bed capacity has risen by 500 and Mbagathi hospital by 120.

He also added a 110-capacity mortuary to complement the City Mortuary.

In a bid to create better and more accessible health care services, 25 health centres have been converted to 24-hour centres, he added.

According to Dr Kidero, he has greatly improved the county’s lighting system by adding 12,000 lights in the city hence reducing crime.

This, he said, will usher in a 24-hour economy. “Garbage collection has gone up to 2,200 tonnes a day from the initial 300 tonnes,” said Dr Kidero.


As for street families, he said, they are rounded up every three months and sent back to their homes — wherever that is.

Last December, over 12,000 street children and adults were sent back to their homes. But they keep coming back, he said.

On decongesting the city centre, bus parks on Desai Road as well as Park Road are being built to keep matatus out of the city centre.

Dr Kidero promised that in the next four months, the project will be complete.

In a word, Nairobians have never had it so good!