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Kigeugeu? Jaguar says music industry more lucrative than politics

Former Starehe lawmaker Charles Njagua Kanyi, commonly known as Jaguar, says he made more money as a musician than during his stint in politics.

In a recent interview, the Kigeugeu hitmaker shared his perspective, highlighting the economic opportunities inherent in the music world.

“I saw fellow musician Khaligraph’s brother saying that there’s no money in music,” he explained.

“I want to tell you, there is no industry as financially rewarding as the arts. If you are serious and create good music, you will make money.”

He further emphasized the importance of crafting hit songs and offered guidance to emerging artists, urging them to focus on their craft.

Jaguar’s extensive 15-year experience in the industry has granted him profound insights into its financial potential.

Drawing inspiration from his journey, he stressed that the music industry has proven to be his most lucrative venture, surpassing even his earnings as a Member of Parliament.

“I am a product of music. Even when I was an MP, and I have said this before, the money I made as a musician exceeded what I earned as a member of parliament,” Jaguar confessed.

“An industry with money has money if you know it’s a business and what you are doing,” Jaguar remarked. He believes that artists must recognize that music is a business, and success is achievable with the right approach and mindset.

He urged artists to shift their mentality and understand that signing with a label does not guarantee success.

“If you are signed, do your own thing and push forward because even if you are signed and do not put in the effort, it will be in vain,” Jaguar advised.

In May, Jaguar emphasized that music is not just a form of entertainment but a serious business venture.

“I approached the music industry as a business rather than mere entertainment. I would earn around Sh500,000 from a single show and I would typically have five shows scheduled per week. This means I could generate approximately Sh2.5 million in a week. I planned my career and treated it with a strategic business mindset,” he said.

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