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Kimilili lawmaker Didimus Barasa challenges Raila to share academic qualifications

Kimilili lawmaker Didimus Barasa has challenged Azimio leader Raila Odinga to publicly share his academic qualifications.

Mr Odinga, a veteran politician in Kenya, is pursuing the chairmanship of the African Union Commision (AUC) a job that entails a candidate to possess both a Degree and Masters Degree certificate.

And the vocal Barasa, who’s known to consistently criticise Mr Odinga, says it will be ideal for Mr Odinga to share his academic documents to the public, in exchange for Kenyans support.

Barasa also warned that Mr Odinga, who served as Prime Minister between 2008 and 2013, and has unsuccessfully contested for the presidency five times, risks being ’embarassed’ if he doesnt put all the cards on the table ahead of the polls.

“I support Raila Odinga for the AUC chair, but let’s be honest, there are doubts about his academic qualifications. He lacks a degree, said Barasa.

“As Kenya’s candidate, your level of education is of public interest.

“Release your academic papers. There are allegations you attended a polytechnic and studied carpentry and welding. Show us your papers so that the AUC selection process proceeds smoothly without doubts”.

Mr Odinga’s candidature has so far garnered support from President William Ruto and former Nigeria president Olesegun Obasanjo. Ruto explained that Mr Odinga is fit for the job while Obasanjo argued that it is East Africa’s turn to have their own at the helm of the AUC.

Separately, Mr Odinga has said that his candidature has the support of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni and his Tanzanian counterpart Samia Suluhu.

Recently, both President Ruto and Mr Odinga visited President Museveni at his Kisozi farm in a bid to drum up support.

President Museveni is known to have considerable influence across Africa.

Mr Odinga is seeking to go one better than former Kenyan Foregn Affairs Minister Amina Mohamed who unsuccessfully vied for the position in 2017.

Should he win, Mr Odinga will replace Moussa Faki Mahamat, a Chadian politician and diplomat who has has served in the role since 2017.

Previously, Mr Faki served as both Chadian Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister.

Former Somalia Foreign Affairs Minister Fawzia Adam has also declared interest in the African Union seat.

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