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Kisirani! Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura on how dating man ‘slowed her down’

Yvette Obura, the mother of Bahati’s first child, has opened up about the importance of praying for romantic partners.

In a recent TikTok live session, she candidly shared her personal experience, revealing how being in a relationship with the wrong person can lead to stagnation in life.

During her discussion, Yvette emphasized the value of conversation without judgment, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to speak openly as a celebrity.

“When I come to a live (session) like this and people no longer judge me with my celebrity status, it feels very good. They can relate to my conversation,” she said.

Before entering into a romantic relationship, Yvette said she makes it a point to pray for protection against any negative spiritual influences her partner might carry due to their background.

“When you get a partner, start praying for them since there are so many spirits hovering around. Before I start dating any man, I tell God to protect me from any spirit they carry. People come from different backgrounds with some having ancestral curses and generational curses and the minute you start associating with them, things start getting stuck.”

While she emphasized that her intention was not to accuse anyone, Yvette shared her personal experience of being in a relationship that held her life stagnant for three to four years.

She clarified that it wasn’t solely the fault of the partner, but rather the lack of prayer and belief in God that contributed to the challenges they faced.

“I dated this man for like 3 or 4 years and for those years, my life was stuck but I am not saying its them but when you date someone who doesn’t pray and does not believe in God, things start failing. I tried to do things but nothing was moving. I started even questioning God. Exactly one month after our breakup, I made a lot of money,” she said.

Yvette recounted her struggles during that period, even questioning her faith, and revealed that shortly after their breakup, her circumstances took a positive turn and she began experiencing financial success.

“I started even questioning God. Exactly one month after our breakup, I made a lot of money.”

Yvette also stressed the importance of being specific about the qualities and attributes individuals seek in a partner.

She advised against getting involved with people who might have negative spiritual ties that hinder personal growth.

She concluded by encouraging everyone to take the time to understand the background of potential partners before diving into a romantic relationship.

“You might end up dating someone who will elevate you but some have soul ties that prevent you from moving on. Also make sure you know the person’s background.”

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