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Kisumu night bust: 12 sacks of bhang found in hearse

A startling incident unfolded on the night of Sunday, August 27, 2023, as police in Kisumu County allegedly made a significant narcotics seizure by recovering 12 sacks of bhang concealed within a hearse.

The operation led to the apprehension of Hussein Otita, who was driving the hearse en route to the Kisumu County port.

In a detailed statement released by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), it was revealed that vigilant police officers stationed at a roadblock in Suo, Busia County, initiated a routine inspection of a white Nissan van prominently marked as belonging to Rafiki Funeral Services in Othaya Sub-County.

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This somber situation took an unexpected turn when the hearse was stopped and investigated.

The account in the statement continued, “According to the officers, they had flagged down a white Nissan van branded Rafiki Funeral Services-Othaya, for routine checkup at around 7 pm. The heavily tinted vehicle whose stereo was playing somber tunes associated with escorting the departed, pulled over.”

Upon interacting with the driver, officers detected an unusual scent emanating from within the vehicle—distinct from the scent typically associated with human remains.

This prompted the police to take further action, comprehensively searching the van’s interior.

The outcome was a shocking discovery: 12 sacks of cannabis sativa, more commonly referred to as bhang, meticulously arranged on the van’s seats and floor.

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The incident was not isolated, as another case unfolded in Korondile police station, Wajir, where officers seized a substantial quantity of marijuana. In this instance, 58 kilograms of the controlled substance were found on a motorcycle headed towards Wajir town.

Two individuals, Osman Boru (25) and Halkno Guchu (24), were arrested in connection with the operation and detained at Korondile police station. They await further legal proceedings.

Both incidents have now been handed over to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) anti-narcotics unit for thorough investigation.

This development highlights the continued efforts of law enforcement to combat drug-related activities, aiming to curtail the distribution and sale of controlled substances.

Recent times have seen an uptick in arrests and court appearances of individuals involved in the illicit trade of bhang.

In a related incident three weeks ago, police in Moyale, Marsabit County, seized a sizable haul of 500 kilograms of bhang with an estimated street value of Sh10 million.

The substance was concealed within a trailer parked in a secluded area in Moyale, sparking an investigation leading to a significant narcotics interception.

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