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Kitengela residents opt for private security

The demand for the services of private security firms has shot up in Kitengela in the face of run-away insecurity.

Residents accuse the police of laxity and as a result have had to dig deeper into their pockets to keep off burglars from their homes.

In most estates, gates have been erected and guards are in place to man the entrances.

“Police need to be proactive not reactive. They shouldn’t wait for an incident for them to act,” said a resident of Namanga Road estate.

The resident said night burglaries had shot up in the last two years and accused construction workers of orchestrating them.

According to him, the workers use their jobs to survey the surrounding homes, noting security loopholes.

Other residents who spoke to NairobiNews   faulted the police for not conducting regular patrols, and when they do, they claimed they harass innocent people found walking at night.

The residents say that they shouldn’t have to pay extra for security, if the police took up their responsibility.

Pay extra

Another resident alleged that the same guards assigned to secure the estates also plan such burglaries.

She said that they have had to change security companies after they suspected the guards of conspiring to rob their homes.

However, they insist that they will not compromise on security and are willing to pay the extra shilling.