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KOT unleash fury after diss on ugali by West African

Kenyans on Twitter have gone to ‘war’ to defend Ugali after a West African committed the cardinal sin of dissing ugali.

It all started when popular DJ Joe Mfalme posted on Twitter a picture of a plate full of meat and ugali.

A West African tweep by the name Fontoaz chaldisbon replied to the tweet, rubbishing Ugali for its “sorrow and homesickness” taste.

“I see West Africans assuming the white thing is yam. Same thing happened to me after a week of eating potatoes and trashy rice in Kenya and I saw this and literally cried out “omg YAM!!!” it’s ugali, tastes like sorrow and homesickness, all the meat doesn’t make it taste better,” tweeted @enyonvm.

The diss prompted Kenyans on Twitter to go ham on the guy.

“You sound more bitter than Kenyan rural manage,” said @IAMKenRamah.

“Ayayaya…you eat spices for food and say what about our rice and ugali? In my current life offices have to be evacuated whenever a caterer/colleagues bring in west African food to the cafeterias in my previous life, staff wished for separate kitchens ~~> the smell,” wrote @laitoriat.

“I am shocked you think yam is heavenly, that is what we feed to our cows when they finish eating the leaves!” commented @WangilaWaliaula.

“Ugali tastes like sorrow? Omg.. you must be an alien…. that’s the kind of negativity we don’t need around us earthlings,” stated @PaKWEGAH.

“Wait a minute! Ugali is dope and so is nyama choma! Don’t diss one’s traditional delicacy. To each their own. Respect!” said @Jackie_Arkle.

“I suggest you have your taste buds checked. Well prepared Ugali has a taste and aroma,” wrote @dhikims.

And Nigerians came in to defend their “sacred” jollof rice.

“Thank God she used “West Africans” I don’t know how we would have celebrated Christmas peacefully if she had specifically said “Nigerians”. Because, African countries are ready to go to war with us for anything tbh. They’ve even started shading almighty JOLLOF in the replies,” tweeted @sirg6ix.

@iamHotCoCo replied; “How dare they attack ALMIGHTY JOLLOF.”

@Kininiabigael asked; “Erm, just exactly what on God’s green earth is jollof?”

@sirg6ix said; “WOW! Everything that ugali wished it was and then some.”