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Ladies, eight ways to spice up your sex life this Christmas

December 26th, 2015 2 min read


This is a great time to look back at your sex life over the past months. Have you and our partner fallen into a routine? Are you no longer excited about hitting the sack? Have you been wearing your sweat pants to bed? Are you bored with it all? Yes?

Looks like it is time to start getting creative in the bedroom. Feel free to also take it to the bathroom, kitchen or any other room you please. Here are a few tips to spice things up;

1. Find his fetish – Every man has that one thing that immensely turns him on. Interestingly, some fetishes aren’t exactly erotic to other people. It could be the sight of painted toes nails peeping out of a shoe, a foot rub or how you touch his neck. Do you know your man’s fetish? Find out and indulge him this Christmas.

2. Abstinence For a couple that is seeking to spice up their sex life, abstinence might seem like an odd idea. It however is exactly the charm you need. This is how it works; agree with your partner to abstain from sex until you can’t hold it off anymore. When you finally give in, it will be the best experience you have this year.

3. Build up the anticipation – Have you ever tried going commando? It can be a very liberating feeling. It also might be the answer to your waning sex life. Go commando then when you are out with your man, keep dropping him hints of this fact. Even if he is away, send him a text message and tease him about it.

4. Reignite the chemistry – How about taking yourself back to the time when you fell in love with each other, the times when there was passion in the bedroom? Remember the things about him that you fell in love with and focus on them. Go back to your initial dating activities, the date nights and the flirting.

5. Be dominant – Usually, it is men who initiate sex. Try taking charge for a change. It may be a little uneasy but your man will be pleasantly surprised. You might be also be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy the aggressor role.

6. Order a glass of wine at dinner – Wine has a great aphrodisiac effect. You must be careful however not to overdo it. If you do it in excess, it will have the opposite effect.

7. Mirrors – Try putting large mirrors in your bedroom this season. This way, you can watch as you and your partner make love. This is one the most sensual visuals you can have.

8. Bring excitement to your bed – Nairobi boasts of several stocked lingerie shops. Walk into one and you will not lack a thing or two that you can add to your bedroom.  You can get sexy outfits for role playing, toys or other visual items.