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Ladies, seven types of people who will give you terrible dating advice this weekend

The people around you will always have something to say about your love life. Sometimes even strangers feel like they know better how you ought to be living your life.

Not all advice you will hear about your relationship is good advice. Here is a look into people who have no business giving you dating advice;

1. The bitter person – If a person is angry or bitter about love or men, do not listen to them. That saying that misery loves company is true when it comes to love. This person is likely to give you advice that will keep you in a relationship situation that is similar to theirs.

2. Your ex – Yes, it’s is more likely than not that your ex will give you terrible dating advice. You may think that since your ex knows you well, then they are better placed to give you dating advice. This is not true. Chances are that your ex still has feelings for you or they may be harboring bitterness towards you.

3. That person who is always in and out of relationships – A person can’t be qualified to give relationship advice until they have at least carried on a successful relationship.

4. The players – You must know at least one of them. Those people who go through life thinking that relationships are all about games. This person is unlikely to give you advice that will help a serious relationship simply because they can’t see your relationship like you see it.

5. People on Facebook – A lot of women are guilty of this. When you come across problems in your relationship, you run to Facebook for advice. This is wrong because most of that advice will be given by people who only heard one side of the story. People who do not even know you. A lot of times, these people will even give you advice that they would never tell you to your face. Advice that they do not believe in themselves.

6. Your frenemy – This is that friend with whom you have a love-hate relationship. This one will give you bad advice for the simple reason that the two of you are in competition. Why would they give you advice that will make your relationship flourish?

7. People in perfect relationships – If you are going through a rough patch in a relationship, a person who is in a near perfect relationship may not be in a position to give you good advice. Try someone who has gone through a rough patch in a relationship themselves.