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Lands CS Alice Wahome urges service delivery, accountability

By Mercy Simiyu October 28th, 2023 2 min read

Lands and Housing Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome has emphasized the significance of service delivery and the imperative need to root out corruption within the department.

Speaking during a familiarization tour in Nairobi, CS Wahome underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to enhancing service delivery.

She highlighted the importance of E-citizen, an innovative platform that simplifies public service accessibility. This digital solution facilitates a smoother, more efficient, and transparent way of serving the public.

CS Alice Wahome’s tour included visits to key landmarks in the realm of land management and development, namely Ardhi House, Geospatial Data Centre (GDC), National Titling Centre (NTC), Survey of Kenya, and the Kenya Institute of Survey and Mapping (KISM). These institutions play pivotal roles in the governance and management of land and related data in Kenya.

“E-citizen is a game-changer in how we serve the public. It simplifies access and enhances transparency in our operations. We must serve the public diligently and without delays, ensuring the smooth flow of land-related services and contributing to government revenue.” – CS Alice Wahome

CS Wahome also took the opportunity to address Land registrars and the general public present in the bustling Ardhi House banking hall. Her address resonated with a call for excellence and promptness in the execution of their duties. She stressed that diligent and timely service not only benefits the public but also contributes to increased revenue for the government.

Notably, the CS was not alone in this endeavor; she was joined by key officials, including the Lands and Physical Planning Secretary Administration, Mohamed Maalim, and other dignitaries from the State Department. This collaborative effort signified the unified dedication to achieving the government’s objectives of efficient land management and transparency in public service.

Hon. Alice Wahome’s familiarization tour was a pivotal moment for the Lands and Physical Planning department.

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