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Leaders must put aside differences, says Shebesh

February 17th, 2014 1 min read

Political bickering is the biggest hindrance to development in Nairobi, Women Representatives Racheal Shebesh has said.

Ms Shebesh also noted that while the county had the best resources and the largest population, no development project would take off if leaders continued clashing.

“We have ambitious plans of renovating the markets and upgrading slums, but these will remain pipe dreams if leaders will not let go of their political differences,” she said.

She was speaking on Sunday at Bahati PCEA, where she encouraged faithful to do things differently this year to achieve growth.

“I am an example of what forgiveness can do. Note that forgiveness allows you to move forward and achieve more,” she said.

She was accompanied by some ward representatives.

Their mission at the church was to encourage the congregation in a bid to promote peace and reconciliation.