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Leave cameras at home! Juliana Kanyomozi calls for ‘respect’ at funerals

Juliana Kanyomozi has adressed what she described as a concerning trend involving mourners attending funerals with cameras in an attempt to gain political or reputational mileage.

Speaking from personal experience of losing her son, Keron, the famed Kibaluma hitmaker urged such individuals to ‘stay home’ instead.

In a message shared on her socials on July 1, 2023 Kanyomozi shared her frustration at what she described as the ‘insensitivity’ displayed by those who prioritize personal gain over empathy during times of grief.

“Except if you have never lost a loved one, but these things of coming with cameras and showing off at the funeral….the person who is sitting over the body of a loved one does not care at all about any of that,” she said.

Drawing from her own experience, Kanyomozi emphasized the significance of genuine comfort and support during moments of mourning.

She stressed that a person who offers sincere condolences and stands by the grieving family leaves an indelible mark.

“It is possible to go to a funeral and mourn genuinely with the family without telling the world about it. You are better off staying at home,” she added.

Kanyomozi’s comments were prompted by questions from reporters regarding her involvement in the funeral of popular Ugandan comedian Kato Lubwama.

Addressing rumours of a social media post suggesting a monetary contribution she made to Lubwama’s family, the singer clarified it originated from a fake account and assured the public that she would never publicize such gestures.

“That was from a fake account, and that is why I rushed to get my account verified. I do support my friends and I go to funerals, but I don’t put it in public. Even if I went to visit a sick friend, I would never take a picture with them,” Kanyomozi stressed.

The talented artist’s plea for respectful behavior at funerals resonates with the public, highlighting the need for empathy, compassion, and privacy during moments of grief.

Kanyomozi’s own loss of her son, Keron, who tragically passed away at the age of 11at a Nairobi hospital following a severe asthma attack, further adds weight to her words.

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