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Let your husbands be! Janet Museveni’s secrets of 50-year marriage to President Museveni

Uganda First Lady Janet Museveni shared her secret of how she was able to maintain a harmonious marriage for 50 years to President Yoweri Museveni.

Speaking during their 50th marriage anniversary where they also renewed their marital vows on August 24, 2023, Mrs Museveni hinted that one of the things that helped her was leaving her husband to his own devices. She revealed this as she advised young couples on how to navigate the marriage waters.

“And so I realized that it’s a blessing to have your spouse and give him peace. Just let him be. What(ever) he wants to do, just let him do because it is nothing. And now I know, and really, he knows, I don’t follow him picking up things and saying small things. Ladies, just let your husbands be and remember the Bible tells us we should not go to bed angry. Even if you misunderstand each other at any one point during the day, just make sure you don’t go to bed angry. You apologize to your spouse, you go to bed happy and you get up happy.

You go to bed angry, you get up with a headache. So remember, those are some of the nuggets I can share with you after 50 long years; and I hope that you take them seriously,” said Mama Janet.

Following the event, Mama Janet issued another statement on August 27, 2023.

“Yesterday, the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary was a gift from God our Father. Without His goodness, our story wouldn’t exist. As Mzee and I marked our golden jubilee, my heart swelled with gratitude to God for guiding my family to the right place: Ntungamo District. This is where my husband and I trace our roots, the backdrop for my childhood dreams, and the birthplace of my love for our homeland. At seventy-five, commemorating our marital milestone, no other place in Uganda could resonate more profoundly with me.

In these challenging times, the celebration of family has taken on paramount importance. It’s heartening to see so many around the world continuing to praise Him for creating the human family, the foundation from which He has blessed humanity to thrive. I believe many would agree that at seventy-five, and with Yoweri at seventy-eight, we stand as a testament to God’s grace. Having reached the fifty-year mark in our marital journey, it’s evident our enduring bond is a reflection of God’s work. As we’ve matured together, we’ve come to rely more on each other, and most importantly, on Him. Ebenezer! Truly, the Lord has brought us this far,” said Mama Janet.

Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his wife, Mama Janet Museveni, marked 50 years of marriage during a highly publicized and lavish vow renewal ceremony. At their arrival, they were welcomed by hundreds of congregants invited to the ceremony and as they walked up the aisle, their children and grandchildren led the way up to the altar. The couple jointly read their renewed vows in front of family, friends, and the church and was cheered on with ululations from the crowd. They then separately read out their vows to each other and exchanged new wedding rings before the preacher blessed their renewed union.

The Musevenis married in 1973 and are blessed with four children- Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Patience Museveni, Natasha Museveni and Diana Museveni. They have several grandchildren- Kenshuro, Ihunde and Ruhamya Kainerugaba and Mugina among others.

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