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Let’s give Ruto a chance to redeem himself – Huddah Monroe changes tune

By Freya Wanjiku February 19th, 2024 2 min read

Socialite Huddah Monroe has changed her tune, now showing support for President William Ruto months after labelling him as the worst president Kenya has ever had.

In a post on her Instagram stories, Huddah urged Kenyans to give Mr Ruto a chance to redeem himself following the sudden drop in the dollar against the shilling.

As the shilling trades at Sh144 currently, with some commercial banks selling the shilling for as low as Sh139 for the US dollar last week, Huddah expressed gratitude to President Ruto saying Kenyans need to celebrate the small wins.

She posted, “Good morning beautiful people. I wanna thank God for life. And our President for whatever he did! This dollar rate is making me scream!!! I love you Mr Prezzo may the Lord take him to Sh90/ one dollar. Sometimes let’s celebrate the small wins. We can’t always be complaining and expect change to happen. Let’s give Mr R the chance to redeem himself. From 167 TO 148 isn’t a joke on forex. It makes a huge difference!”

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According to data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), the shilling was stronger on Friday, trading at an average of Sh145.86 to the dollar, compared to Thursday’s opening average rate of Sh153.20 against the dollar.

Contrastingly, in September last year, she ignited a firestorm of controversy and heated discussions on social media after posting, “Ruto will be the worst president Kenya has ever seen.”

She didn’t stop there, she then added, “Lesson learnt, never give the son of a poor man the presidential seat,” about President Ruto’s humble background and quick rise after he joined politics.

Not done, Huddah then shared her most worrying concerns about the country’s economic future with President Ruto at the helm stating, “Kenya is going back 30 years… The worst is yet to come.”