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Pastor Kanyari: Men, stop sleeping at houses you don’t pay rent

Controversial preacher and founder of The Salvation Healing Ministry, Victor Kanyari has issued a stern warning to men, cautioning them against infidelity and the dangers of sleeping in houses they don’t pay rent for.

The preacher, known for his controversial statements, minced no words as he addressed the congregation, highlighting the potential consequences of straying from marital vows.

“Watu hawajawahi kuwa wazuri hata katika ndoa, bibi yako anakuuliza umelala wapi unamwambia ‘Unaniuliza kama nani mimi ni mwanaume’. Sasa umejibu kama mjinga huyo mtu atakuja kukuua,” he said.

(“People have never been good, even in marriage. When your wife asks you where you slept, and you respond, ‘You are asking as who? I’m a man!’ Now you’ve answered like a fool, that person will one day plot to kill you.”)

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Kanyari also cautioned against the temptation of engaging in extramarital affairs, emphasizing that such actions would inevitably lead to ruin.

“Wanaume mnanishangaza sana. Unaenda kwa mwanamke na huko Githurai na hata hujamjua vizuri. Anakuambia hakuna shida hata unaweza lala na unalala unapata usingizi. Na kwanza kuharibu sana unatoa nguo zote hata za ndani uahang hapo na unalala kwa kitanda ya wenyewe umeinua miguu. Wananaume mko na nguvu,” he admonished, urging men to exercise restraint and uphold their marital commitments.

(“Men, you really surprise me. You go to a woman’s place, maybe in Githurai, and you don’t even know her well. She tells you it’s no problem, you can sleep over, and you actually do, falling asleep soundly. And to top it off, you take off all your clothes, even your underwear, leaving them there, and you sleep on their bed like you own the place, with your legs up. Men, you have guts.)

Furthermore, the preacher warned against the dangerous practice of sleeping in a woman’s house without paying rent, likening it to a “death trap” for unsuspecting men.

Kanyari urged men to prioritize their safety and refrain from engaging in risky behaviours that could endanger their well-being.